At Y.M.PUBLIC SCHOOL our approaches towards learning is child-centric encouraging Activity based learning and inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry. In our curriculum, the student is the primary focus and each child is involved in the learning process. We are constantly improving our teaching methodology so that it turns learning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery.
While academic excellence is our major aim, the school is also devoted to prepare the students for life, groom them to face the challenges of tomorrow, and encourage them to be socially relevant. We constantly endeavour to always live up to this ideology and inculcate this into everything we do, with the aim that we will be able to ensure that the children grow to their full potential, while constantly being groomed to pass out to bear responsibility in all walks of life.
As the Principal of YM PUBLIC SCHOOL, I feel honoured and privileged to be part of an educational institution where every member of the school is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. We look at ourselves as a community of learners, where everyone learns including our teachers, parents & students.
I believe in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to strive to understand and improve the educational process, using team strategies, for student achievement.
The parents are the most strengthening power in moulding the future of children. Their consistent support empowers us to do more and more. I highly appreciate them for their faith in us.
I am confident enough that the YMPS will make themselves stronger day by day, adding a new leaf to the greatness of the school.

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