It was the dream of our legend to start up a school and serve the society with a noble work, she believes that. Education is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. Education is important to live with happiness and prosperity.

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Education empowers minds that will be able to conceive good thoughts and ideas. It enables to do the analysis while making life decisions. Life gives various survival challenges for humans. But education guide human to fight with failure and get success in life.
Our Legend strongly believes that an educated person is one who is able to adapt to his situations as per the necessity of the hour. He should be able to utilise his skills and his education to overcome difficult obstacles in any area of his life so that he can take the correct decision at that moment. That is what makes a person educated.
Her valuable thoughts are etched in our hearts and we do our best to educate each individual to face this competitive world.


The founder of our school MR. BURHAN SHARIEFF worked for the betterment of society by starting up with school, his only priority was to impart quality education and to spread the light of knowledge in the path of life, Education is the process of facilitating learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values beliefs and habits. He believes that we should educate the child for life not only for exams.
The more knowledge we get, we grow and develop more in life. Being well educated never only means to earn certificates and good salary from the recognised and reputed organisation companies or institutions however it also means to be a good and social person in life. It helps us to determine whether something is good or bad for us and other persons related to us.
The first purpose of getting a good education is being a good citizen and then being successful in personal and professional life. We are incomplete without a good education because education makes us right thinker and correct decision-maker. In such a competitive world, education has become a necessity for human beings after food, clothe and shelter. It is able to provide solutions to all problems.

His valuable thoughts towards life and education always keep inspiring us to do better and better each day for the betterment of society.


Managing Director (Principal)
Arifulla Sharief

Thank you for your interest in YM Public School. We take pride of the education we offer and our proud students stand testimony to this.
YM Public School is a platform where students are chosen with a noble objective of imparting education to those economically and socially marginalized but the education we offer extends beyond the regular barriers and makes academic learning a holistic experience of lofty virtues – spiritual, moral, academic. We focus on providing opportunities for each of our students to develop skills that will support them both in life and career. The children can be always seen engaged in different activities inside and outside the classroom while you have the concerted efforts of both the passionate teachers and the encouraging parents which evolve learning into an entirely new experience. The school builds socially responsible young students whose leadership skills and ideals are encouraged which leaves a marked difference in people’s lives, nurturing care and respect for fellow humans.


YM PUBLIC SCHOOL provides a structured education and promotes a child’s mental and psychological growth. Aside from learning academics, a child will also learn other important life skills such as teamwork, good manners, unity, sharing, and responsibility. Children are like water they take on the shape of whatever container they are in. By allowing them to learn in a school setting while they are young, they can be moulded into good, responsible, and hardworking individuals. The role of school in child development begins as early as pre-school and continues through childhood.
YMPS plays an important role in the development of personality. It is a time of declining motivation, mental, health, and involvement of schools and organised activity programs. The school is the best place for self-grooming and to identify their hidden abilities and skills. The children who confront with challenging tasks of academics confidently result in confident personality later in life.



We want each of our students to leave school with the values of respect, cooperation, persistence and striving for excellence underpinning all that they do. Our students develop responsibility for their own behaviour and the choices they make, and also a communal responsibility to assist their peers to do the same. Our students become strong in self-esteem and personal expectation and develop a healthy and respectful tolerance for others.
Discipline plays an important role in everyone’s life. YMPS stress on Effective discipline which enhances a child’s self- esteem because it teaches self-control. Effective discipline is positive in nature — it teaches the child what he or she CAN do rather than harshly criticizing or punishing for what he or she should NOT do. YMPS helps a child learn the values and morals to lead a good life..