Our nurturing of each individual boy’s talents to his personal fulfilment is such that there really is no typical YMP’ian. What our boys have in common is that they emerge from YMPS as articulate, confident individuals with a strong sense of their places in society, ready for university and the wider world. Thus, we remain true to our Trustees’ vision, and indeed with practical, contemporary purpose.


37 full-time teachers

5 part-time teachers

Average years of experience 10 years

60% of advanced degrees

Maximum Class Size

7:1 student to teacher

20+ students per class

Smaller groups for language

60% of faculty


YMPS provides international quality education to the wards of Professors, Scientists, Academicians, Scholars and members of the elite community.


Sport at Grammar is structured so as to support the School’s liberal academic focus and not drive or influence it.


Every student is allocated a Tutor who offers one-on-one support and advice in a small group setting. In addition, the Tutor organises special classes for the students.


All canteens must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students.


When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community. Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:
• Meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation.
• Includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics.
• Is appropriate for the full range of school activities.
• Is suitable for all body shapes.


You may get all the books and stationary your kids need from the school’s facilities for appropriate purpose.