Read all the instruction carefully for compliance

• Regularity & Punctuality of the pupils is must.
• All Pupils are required to be in time to school.
• Leave of Absences must be secured by a letter signed by the Parents / Guardians / before it is availed off.
• 80% attendance is must to appear for the Annual Examination.
• Attendance is must on the re-opening of each term.
• Neatness & Cleanliness shall be observed at all times.
• Pupils are excepted to converse only in English in the school premises.
• In case of leaving the premises during school hours required written permission from the School.
• Check the School Diary daily for Assignments / Instruction of the Teachers / Headmistress / Principal.
• Parents must Attend all Parents & Teachers Meet.
• Parents are not allowed to meet their wards & teachers` during the class hours.
• Parents can meet teachers` in week Days after 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
• All pupils are responsible to the Management of their conduct both inside & outside the school. Any Reported or Observed objectionable conduct out the school on the part of pupils will render liable to disciplinary Action.
• Parents should discourage their children from bringing valuable articles to school. The school is not responsible for any article or money lost.